About Us

The European Business Group (EUBG) is a member-based organization with a diverse range of over 120+ members from various sectors, including agriculture, communication, construction, consulting, energy, finance, forestry, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, information technology, legal, logistics, manufacturing, mining, NGOs, oil & gas, retail, telecommunication, testing, inspection & certification, tourism, and training. These members range from large, medium to small-scale and start-up European businesses that operate in Tanzania or wish to invest in Tanzania, as well as those who are outside members.


Our primary objective is to provide a networking platform for our members to gain knowledge of the business environment and to keep abreast of the fast-developing economic and business opportunities. We connect European businesses operating in Tanzania to various opportunities and resources that enhance their prosperity. In doing so, the EUBG aims to contribute to the promotion of trade and investment between European and Tanzanian companies. We also aim to create a suitable framework for dialogue with the Government of Tanzania and other stakeholders on stable environments for business and investments. Furthermore, we strive to assist our members in achieving their business objectives by offering them timely guidance and valuable insights. At the EUBG, we focus on promoting and increasing business between Tanzania and Europe as a geographical location. We promote EU business interests in Tanzania for the benefits of our members and overall to improve the ease of doing business in Tanzania.

The EUBG is led by an Executive Director and governed by a Board of Directors. We are supported by the EU Delegation in Tanzania, its Member States, and EFTA Diplomatic Missions. Currently, there are 24 EU countries and 2 EFTA countries represented by businesses in Tanzania. EUBG membership is open to all European countries. The EUBG allows these members to exchange information on business development and investment climate of Tanzania.

Thank you for considering joining the European Business Group. We look forward to working with you to drive growth and success for your business in Tanzania.

What EUBG does

At the European Business Group, we are dedicated to promoting and facilitating business between Tanzania and Europe. Here are some of the key activities that we undertake:

  1. Facilitating Advocacy & Dialogue; We work to improve the business climate in Tanzania by engaging in advocacy and dialogue with government officials and agencies. This helps us promote the interests of EU businesses in Tanzania and foster better relationships between EU and Tanzanian businesses.
  1. Promoting Trade & Investment; Our aim is to increase two-way investment, business, and trade flows between Tanzania and the EU. By providing a platform for European businesses to engage with the Tanzanian market, we hope to foster economic growth and development in both regions.
  2. Raising Profiles: We strive to raise the profile of Tanzania in the EU business community and vice versa. This includes promoting business opportunities, highlighting the benefits of investing in Tanzania, and showcasing the country’s unique offerings.
  3. Providing Services and Advice: We offer a range of services, information, and advice to our members on various economic, legal, financial, market, and other business issues. This helps our members navigate the complex business environment in Tanzania and make informed decisions.
  4. Conducting Research: We publish research reports and studies on various topics related to business issues in Tanzania. Our research is aimed at providing valuable insights to our members and stakeholders on emerging trends and opportunities.
  5. Facilitating Strategic Alliances: We encourage the creation of strategic alliances between companies in Tanzania and the EU. This helps businesses to access new markets, expand their operations, and build mutually beneficial partnerships.
  6. Encouraging Ethical Business Practices: We believe in promoting ethical business practices by all companies operating in Tanzania. We encourage our members to adhere to high standards of corporate responsibility and sustainability in their operations.

At the European Business Group, we are committed to creating a favorable business environment in Tanzania and promoting economic growth in the region.


The European Business Group is managed by a Board of Directors who are duly elected by the members of the EUBG and are responsible for guiding and overseeing the organisation’s programme and overall strategy.

Mr. Hans Lemm

Chairperson: CEO- Green Resources

Dieter Beyens

Managing Director Red & White, 

Mr. Jesper Soresen

Board Member : CEO – DCG

Mr. Michele Baldini

Honorary Board Member: MD – ZNZ Advisors

Dennis Ott

Country Manager SikaTanzania Construction Chemicals Limited

Mr. David Nolan

Board Member: MD-AIBT LTD

Pooja Lalji

Director Rickshaw Travels

Mr. Ali Fawaz

Board Member: MD-BNM

Stijn Lombaerts

Director Reload Logistics

Mr. David Nolan

Board Member: MD-AIBT LTD

Mr. Qasim Meghjee

Board Member: MD-QWM Properties

Mr. Ali Fawaz

Board Member: MD-BNM